BP Builders LLC is an expert Roof Replacement CT, and Roof Replacement RI very skilled in the area of roof inspections. Keeping your roof in good condition is critical to ensuring it keeps you protected for a long time. A roof replacement is a very expensive and time-consuming repair you as a homeowner will ever have to endure. Just like with the appliances in your home, it’s important to maintain your roof to keep it in tip-top shape and have a yearly roof inspection.

Don’t grab a ladder and try to get up there yourself. Navigating a roof is dangerous, even for professionals who do it all the time. Here’s why you should leave it to your Roofing Contractor to to get up there and check it out.

Preventing and Repairing Damage

As you might expect, winter storms can damage your roof. Strong winds have a tendency to tear shingles off, and to break tree limbs, which can land on your roof. If your roof hasn’t been inspected, you may not know about pre-existing issues such as weak flashing or loose shingles. Yearly inspections and maintenance can prevent these issues before they lead to even more damage.You may also find mold, algae and more!

Also, keeping your gutters clean will help prevent brush from building up and allowing mold to grow. This is also important to allow for proper drainage on the roof. If water begins to pool because it can’t flow down the gutters, it can waterlog your roofing materials and weaken them over time. This sort of damage can cause leaks that are majorly expensive to fix!

Getting the Most From Your Warranty

Most roofs will come with a warranty to protect you. However, as a homeowner, it’s easy to lose this benefit by losing track of your warranty paperwork, of by not filing your claim in a timely manner. If you have a leak in your roof, BP Builders can advise you on whether a warranty claim is the right way to go.

Your Insurance Company Cares

If something is going wrong up on the roof, you don’t want to neglect the damage until you have a mess on your hands, like a bad leak. If you haven’t ever had a roof inspection before, your insurance company can (and probably will) point to this lack of maintenance as a good reason to reject your claim. If you want to protect yourself against a bad insurer, you’re doing yourself a favor by having your roof inspected every year.

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