The New England winter can wreak havoc on your roof. This is why, we at BP Builders, recommend semi-annual inspections to ensure your roofing system is intact before and after the most damaging part of the year. Below are just some of the reasons why winter can cause so much damage to your roof. 


Strong windstorms happen during the winter months in Connecticut and Rhode Island especially as you get closer to the shoreline. Loose shingles and weak pieces of flashing could easily blow off during a storm. Your roof’s rakes and ridges take the most hit because they’re openly exposed to constant streams of wind. Furthermore, cold temperatures can elevate the chances of your roof failing. Aging asphalt shingles become more brittle, losing the elasticity they need to weatherproof your home. We offer the best roof repair service in CT, the best roof repair service in MA and the best roof repair service in RI.

Ice and Snow

Ice damming allows melted water to seep underneath your shingles, creating leak points. Unbridled ice dams instigate water intrusion, damaging vulnerable areas, especially the wood decking. Like too much snow, it adds tremendous weight on your roofing system. The longer it sits on top of your roof’s surface, the greater the potential damage including collapsing. As your trusted Connecticut roofing company, we recommend that you remove snow on top of your system to prevent further damage.

One of the reasons ice dams occur is because of poor attic ventilation. Your home’s inability to rid itself of excessive moisture in the attic causes uneven roof temperature. In turn, the plane of your roof is hotter than the eaves. This allows the snow to melt on the surface and refreeze when it reaches the edge. An expert contractor like us can identify and fix attic vent problems during inspection to help prevent icicles from materializing again.

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