Imagine committing to a specific wardrobe for the next 20 to 30 years. Or a particular vehicle. Or only eating at one restaurant. Would you ever agree to that? Of course not.

That’s similar to what happens when you as a homeowner buys a new roof. You pick one color and one style — one “flavor” of roof — that will influence the appearance of your home for many years to come. Of course, that’s a small price to pay for the protection of a great roof. A well-installed, high-quality roofing system is simply too durable — and too expensive— to replace just because you want to try something new.

So when it comes time to choose your roofing contractor and purchase your new roof installed by BP Builders, you’ll need to consider lots of factors, including materials, contractors, warranties, and more. And once you’ve made those decisions, be sure to take the time to choose a style and color that reflect your taste, your home’s architecture, and the look and feel of your neighborhood.

Follow these three Cs to choose the roof style and color that will suit your home for years to come.

1. Communicate.

Before making any decisions, find out if there are any rules about the kind of roof you can install. For instance, some complexes and homeowners’ associations have rules about color and style. Even if you’re not in a complex or association, it may be a good idea to touch base with your neighbors and explore whether you want your roof choice to complement the neighborhood look, or to stand out with alternative shingle styles and colors that make your home unique.

2. Complement.

Your shingle style and color should work with all of the other style elements of your home. For instance, does your home have bricks or siding? Is it painted — and if so, what color? Is it a rustic design that might call for a rugged wood-shake shingle or a modern design that coordinates well with a clean, bold color statement? Remember, the roof that looks great on a Victorian might not work on a sprawling ranch.

3. Compare.

Great information on hundreds of roof styles and color options are as close as your Roofing Contractor in CT, Roofing Contractor MA or Roofing Contractor RI! In fact, you can start your research by clicking right here to visit the Certainteed Style Guide, which is designed to help you find color and style inspiration. Then head over to the Certainteed Virtual Home Remodeler where you can upload a photo of your own home, and compare different combinations of roof, siding, and window solutions. Finally, be sure to look at physical shingle samples, as well. You can find them by asking your roofing contractor, you guessed it, that’s us – BP Builders, we can provide you with samples and a free quote to have this industry leading product installed.

Speaking of roofing contractors, you can always find our local Certainteed Certified Contractor here, or request a quote here.

Now that you’ve learned about the three Cs of roof style, here’s one more C to think about: Curb Appeal. If you plan to remain in your home, choose a roof that uniquely reflects you. But if you plan on selling, your roof can make up 40% of your home’s curb appeal. You might consider choosing a more neutral color that would appeal to more prospective buyers.

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