Just the name—“fiber cement”—has an industrial-strength ring to it. Indeed, this product is considered the most resistant to common enemies of residential siding. The material doesn’t rot or warp and is crack-resistant. UV exposure does not degrade it and it resists hail, snow and ice. Wind is not a threat: In locales that experience a high incidence of hurricanes or tornadoes, many local building codes actually specify the use of fiber cement siding.  Pests that attack conventional wood siding, notably termites and woodpeckers, show no interest in fiber cement.

Environmentally Neutral

In finished form, fiber cement siding isn’t recyclable, per se. However, unlike PVC siding, a petroleum product that breaks down and releases toxins inside landfills, the ingredients of fiber cement siding are considered environmentally inert and do not degrade into damaging substances.


Fiber cement siding typically offers an estimated maximum 50-year service life for non-backcoated product and 75 years for backcoated versions. Warranty coverage for the product typically extends from 30 to 50 years. If the siding was painted during the original manufacturing process, the factory coat of paint may also carry a guarantee against fading, peeling, chips and other defects for a specific span of years, usually around 15.

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