Is a Metal Roof Cooler Than Shingles?

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How cool is metal roof Did you know that metal is the most energy efficient material available today? Yes, when used as roofing material it can help reduce the energy you use to cool your home off by forty percent. Air conditioning units can cool off your home when temperatures are high but a well-insulated [...]

Prep Your Roof for Summer

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Tips for Maintaining Your Roof in the Summer Proper maintenance and frequent inspections are important for any roof. If you want to get the most out of your roof’s life and ensure its longevity, it’s important to know the appropriate actions that need to be taken during every season. For summer in particular, proactive measures [...]

Your Roof and the Sun

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First things first, let’s understand how a roof reacts to heat from the sun, and the impact this relationship has on the temperature inside your home – and therefore on your energy bills. Three main things happen when the sun’s radiation hits the surface of an asphalt shingle roof: Absorption: Some level of heat is absorbed [...]

The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

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Durability Just the name—“fiber cement”—has an industrial-strength ring to it. Indeed, this product is considered the most resistant to common enemies of residential siding. The material doesn’t rot or warp and is crack-resistant. UV exposure does not degrade it and it resists hail, snow and ice. Wind is not a threat: In locales that experience [...]

Roof Maintenance in 2022

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Get An Inspection Each season presents its own set of challenges for your roof. During the summer with the hot sun beating down can do a lot of damage to an aging roof. During the other months, things like high winds and storms can take a toll. An inspection is the only way to know how [...]

What To Consider Before Planning a Garage Addition

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Attached or Detached Garage? If you are planning a new structure, versus merely adding on or renovating your current garage, the first consideration you should be making is whether you want an attached or detached garage. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. So, you should take these into consideration so that the completed project [...]

Warning Signs from your Roof

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Damaged Flashing Flashing is applied during a roof replacement to ensure watertight protection on all joints of your roof. As a result of compromised flashing, you may notice damaged or warped siding. Damaged flashing has the potential to welcome water underneath your shingles, and eventually into your home. Algae Growth Roof algae will appear as [...]

What to Know About Shingle Roofing

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Shingles are cheaper, easier to install, and more durable. Because manufacturers can create shingles in bulk, they are typically cheaper than other roofing materials. They also require less training and expertise to install, which lowers the cost of labor. In addition to these benefits, asphalt shingle roofing has a long expected lifetime. Depending on the specific [...]

Benefits Of Skylights

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 Rooftop windows and skylights can give a number of advantages to homeowners. They can increase the overall value (equity) of your home, and they can solve certain issues in stuffy, cold or dark rooms. Adding natural light (and solar heating) to your spaces The biggest benefit of skylights is how they let natural light into your [...]

Types of Outdoor Decks

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Freestanding outdoor decks Freestanding decks, are also known as a floating or ground-level decks. These hug closer to grade than attached decks. This design is very versatile as you can build them alongside the house or anywhere within the yard. Many municipalities don’t require building permits for outdoor deck designs less than a certain height above [...]

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