What To Expect When You Get A Shingle Roof Replacement

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The Roof Replacement Process The following is a brief breakdown of what you can expect if you’ve decided to replace your shingle roof. Materials will be ordered – Once you’ve agreed to the estimate provided from the roofing contractors at BP Builders, the work will not begin right away. You will first need to make [...]

The Benefits of a Shingle Roofing Installation

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When it comes to determining if you should purchase a new roof for your home, you will likely think about the cost first. With so many options out there it can be hard to navigate. There are many different types of shingles and knowing the benefits of each will help you to determine what's right [...]

How To Prepare For A Roof Repair

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Are you about to have some roofing work done? Well this isn't just like any home improvement project, it’s worth it to prepare your home in advance. While there’s not a lot that needs to be done inside of your home prior to roofing work, there are a few things you can do to the [...]

Roofing Tips to be Ready for Summer

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We are nearing the end of winter and warm temperatures are on the rise. It's now time to inspect your roof again. You'll want to get ahead of the warm weather by taking notes and handling repairs so you won’t have to worry about these things later. Here’s what we recommend doing to ensure your [...]

Common Roofing Installation Mistakes to Watch For

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As a homeowner, would you know if your new roof was being installed properly? Well not to worry most people wouldn’t either. However, a new roof is far too valuable of an investment to just trust that it’s being installed correctly. So what should you do? The best thing to do is learn the most [...]

Why The Roofing Service You Hire Matters

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Visit any furniture store and it’s pretty easy to tell the quality furniture and the others. However, from the street, many roofs look alike. It’s not all that easy to determine the quality of residential roofing. When it comes to roofing, looks can be deceiving. While one new roof might do its job for decades, [...]

Pros and Cons to a Metal Roof

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Pros: Durability: Metal roofs do no deteriorate when exposed to weather and sunlight over time like asphalt shingles do. In the lifespan of one metal roof, asphalt shingles need to be replaced 3 times. Appearance: Metal roofs now come in a wide range of colors, styles, finishes, and textures to match any homes exterior. They also [...]

What is the Roof Flashing and Why is it Important?

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Most people think a roof is made up of three layers the underlayment for moisture protection, the deck that holds the roofing structure up and the shingles to protect the roof’s exterior. In actuality, however, there’s a fourth component that homeowners tend to overlook: the flashing. As soon as a professional roofing contractor shows up at [...]

Hire A Roofing Company Who Meets Your Roofing Needs

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Every roofing project starts and ends with your choice of contractor. In fact, the overall results of your project will depend upon on their roofing experience. That’s why it is a benefit to hire a roofing contractor who’s a perfectly good match for your needs. BP Builders, a premier roofing company ct, can make finding them [...]

Make Sure You Are Protecting Your Roof This Winter

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During winter, one your worsts chores is dealing with snow removal for a lengthened period of time. However, it is a necessary project and will not only allow you to get in and out of your home but keeps you and your loved ones safe. Stopping ice damming, snow accumulation, and icicles can be hazardous, and [...]

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