Replace or Repair- What To Do Before You Sell Your Home

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When getting ready to move your focus usually is on what is going on inside the house. Things like painting, cleaning, packing, and minor remodels usually take president but you also should think about the status of your roof. If there has been damage to the roof, or issues such a moss, or the roof [...]

Roof Inspection 101

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Thunderstorms, blizzards, heat waves, or high winds are very common in New England. After harsh weather, you will want to ensure that your roof has been cleaned of dirt and debris and inspect it for damage. A residential roofing system that has not been properly maintained or repaired after harsh weather can be susceptible to [...]

How To Properly Spot Wind Damage on Your Roof

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Perform an Interior Inspection Check your attic or top floor for any wet spots or stains on your plywood, rafters ceilings, or walls. Often the leaks are evident in the attic space long before they show up inside your house. Check Your Downspouts High winds and heavy rains can wash away the granules from the [...]

Are Gutters Essential?

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Determining home maintenance needs can be a tough task for any homeowner. There can be numerous items on a to-do list ranging from superficial accessories to urgent necessities. Nothing seems to help prioritize these needs, however, like a flash flood rainstorm. Since the number one function of a home is to protect you and your [...]

Do You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

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Even if you have stayed on top of your roofing repairs there will still come a time where you have to replace the roof. This is an inevitable experience. Getting the timing right is vital and will save you money. To start of you should look for signs of replacing then repairing. Here are some [...]

Why is Roof Flashing Important?

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Homeowners tend to just think that their roof is made up of three layers: the underlayment for moisture protection, the deck that holds the roofing structure up and the shingles to protect the roof’s exterior. However, there’s a fourth component that homeowners tend to overlook: the flashing. As soon as a professional roofing contractor shows up [...]

Signs You Might Need A New Roof

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Roofs are one of the most important parts of your home and it can be very dangerous if you don't take care of them properly. If your roof is cracked or weak, then water can get in and break down the entire structure of your home. Age of Your Roof The age of your roof [...]

How to Identify Wind Damage on your Roof

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When living in New England we are subjected to various types of weather and if you live near the coast you experience sea breezes. Your home tends to take the brunt of these weather conditions. From your windows, siding, and especially your roof can be damaged from things like rain, snow, and strong winds. Being [...]

Cleaning Tips For Your Asphalt Roof

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Performing regular roof maintenance is essential to maximizing the performance and life span of your asphalt roofing. This can also save you from expensive repairs along the line. In this article we will share some tips on how to properly clean and maintain your asphalt roof. Clean Your Roof Regularly It is important to keep [...]

Does A New Roof Add Value to Your Home

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An excellent way to improve the value of your home is by investing on a new roof. By getting a new roof you can add more years to the lifespan of your home and completely transform its appearance. So if you’re still wondering if a new roof can increase the value of your home the [...]

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