Common Roofing Installation Mistakes to Watch For

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As a homeowner, would you know if your new roof was being installed properly? Well not to worry most people wouldn’t either. However, a new roof is far too valuable of an investment to just trust that it’s being installed correctly. So what should you do? The best thing to do is learn the most [...]

Asphalt Roof Cleaning Tips

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Regular roof maintenance is essential to maximizing the performance and life span of your asphalt roofing. It can also save you from expensive repairs down the road. In this article, BP Builders shares tips on cleaning and maintaining your asphalt roof. DO Clean Your Roof Regularly: Make sure your asphalt roof is clear of leaves, branches [...]

Make Your Roof Last Longer in 2021

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2020 was a crazy year for everyone. If you’re like us, you’re glad that it is over and that 2021 finally arrived. One great way to make 2021 better is by maximizing and protecting the investment of your roof. We spent a majority of 2o2o indoors, and so you want to make sure that your roof [...]

3 Common Mistakes Made When Getting a New Roof

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Hundreds of homeowners will have their roofs replaced each year.  Choosing a high-quality roofing system for your home is critical to ensuring that your home will be capable of withstanding the harsh winters that we tend to experience in New England.   This decision can be hard to figure out. So in order to help you make [...]

Eight Common Roofing Problems In New England

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Common roofing problems in New England can be largely preventable with some planning and some little bit foresight. A variety of factors can and will impact your roof’s durability over time: this includes the quality of the original install, proper roofing products for the building, consistent maintenance, and the weather. We have provided eight roofing problems [...]

How to Prevent Ice Damage

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Ice dams can occur when just enough heat escapes from your attic to melt the snow on the roof. The melted snow will then freeze when it reaches the edge of your roof (the eaves), creating a dam. The rest of the water will then back up onto and under the roofing materials, which allows it [...]

Why Gutters Are Essential For Your Home

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Why Does Your Home Need Gutters? Having great gutters on your can be one of the best investments a homeowner can make, that is if your property needs them. Here are some reasons why they’re so important for your home and some tips on how to keep and  them at their best long term. Roofs are [...]

Why The Roofing Service You Hire Matters

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Visit any furniture store and it’s pretty easy to tell the quality furniture and the others. However, from the street, many roofs look alike. It’s not all that easy to determine the quality of residential roofing. When it comes to roofing, looks can be deceiving. While one new roof might do its job for decades, [...]

Spotting Roof Wind Damage on Your Home

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Perform an Outdoor Inspection Look for missing and damaged shingles on your roof or shingles or pieces of roofing materials around your property (damaged shingles might be curled, cracked, or torn). If this type of damage is only affecting a small area, roofing repairs might be able to address the problem. Roofing damage by wind can [...]

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