5 Signs You Should Replace VS. Repair Your Roof

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A very valuable skill is knowing when to replace your roof. Even if you do repairs during the roof’s many years of life, there will still come a time where you have to replace the roof, it is inevitable. Getting the timing right is vital and will save you money. To start of you should look [...]

Pros and Cons to a Metal Roof

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Pros: Durability: Metal roofs do no deteriorate when exposed to weather and sunlight over time like asphalt shingles do. In the lifespan of one metal roof, asphalt shingles need to be replaced 3 times. Appearance: Metal roofs now come in a wide range of colors, styles, finishes, and textures to match any homes exterior. They also [...]

Do I really need rain gutters?

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Determining home maintenance needs can be a tough task for any homeowner. There can be numerous items on a to-do list ranging from superficial accessories to urgent necessities. Nothing seems to help prioritize these needs, however, like a flash flood rainstorm. Since the number one function of a home is to protect you and your family [...]

What is the Roof Flashing and Why is it Important?

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Most people think a roof is made up of three layers the underlayment for moisture protection, the deck that holds the roofing structure up and the shingles to protect the roof’s exterior. In actuality, however, there’s a fourth component that homeowners tend to overlook: the flashing. As soon as a professional roofing contractor shows up at [...]

Hire A Roofing Company Who Meets Your Roofing Needs

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Every roofing project starts and ends with your choice of contractor. In fact, the overall results of your project will depend upon on their roofing experience. That’s why it is a benefit to hire a roofing contractor who’s a perfectly good match for your needs. BP Builders, a premier roofing company ct, can make finding them [...]

Make Sure You Are Protecting Your Roof This Winter

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During winter, one your worsts chores is dealing with snow removal for a lengthened period of time. However, it is a necessary project and will not only allow you to get in and out of your home but keeps you and your loved ones safe. Stopping ice damming, snow accumulation, and icicles can be hazardous, and [...]

Keep an Eye on Your Roof During Winter

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Winter can be a tough time for roofs. During this time there are typically more storms, tougher conditions, and the temperature keeps rising and falling, making it not only hard for roofs to last the season, but also makes it hard to fix these problems once they arise. Here are some typical roofing problems that can [...]

Signs That Your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

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Gutters have the important job of keeping water away from your house. Water can destroy your roof, windows and siding if you don’t have gutters functioning properly to protect your home. Gutters aren’t an expensive repair themselves but neglecting them could lead to more expensive repairs, even issues with your home’s foundation. Gaps If you have [...]

When Is The Best Time For Roof Replacement

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When fall finally gets here, a lot of people are eager to do some maintenance around their home now that the summer days are over. As the leaves color change, you may find yourself asking if it's a good time to schedule a roof repairs or roof inspections. At Bp Builders, can handle your roof from [...]

Roof Replacement or Roof Repair? That Is The Question

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Roof maintenance your roof is an essential aspect of owning a home. Not only does it improve curb appeal but also helps maintain the integrity of the structure. Typically because your roof is such a large investment many homeowners are forced to make a difficult decision in the time of need such as should my roof [...]

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