Vinyl Siding Styles for Your Home

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There are so many different types of siding options for your home. And all these siding options can come in a variety of colors ranging from muted neutrals to bold, bright shades. Even if you choose a traditional profile, you can contrast it by selecting a dark, rich hue. Here are 5 vinyl siding options [...]

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips

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Like all exterior building products, vinyl siding can get dirty. And while heavy rain will do wonders in cleaning it, it still needs to be washed regularly. Vinyl siding can be washed down with a regular garden hose. If neither rain nor hosing does a satisfactory job, follow these simple instructions. How to clean vinyl [...]

The Long Lasting Benefits to a Roof Replacement

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If your roof is nearing the end of its life, remember that the value you get from replacing those old shingles will be well worth the investment you’re making. 1. Eye-Catching Curb Appeal Your roof is one of the most visible exterior features on your house. So if your shingles are old, worn, loose, curled [...]

Is Vertical or Horizontal Siding Right For Your Home?

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What is Vertical Siding or Board and Batten? What is vertical siding called in your area? Perhaps you’ve heard of board and batten siding? It’s the same thing. Vertical board and batten siding is a popular option, lending plenty of charm to small areas, but it’s also the go-to option for creating a more contemporary [...]

What You Need To Roof About Metal Roofs

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Roofs are one of the most essential parts when building house. Only the roof can shield away the sun, protect you from the rain, and cover against everything else. Without a roof, can you call it a home? However, the whole concept of choosing what type of roof you are going to have and where [...]

How Long Will Your Roof Last?

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Your roof is the main protection for your home. It keeps your home safe from all sorts of weather elements and debris. It also contributes greatly to the overall appearance of the structure. Depending on the color or design of your roof it can make it either blend in harmoniously with the landscape of the [...]

What To Consider Before Getting a New Roof

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Did you know there are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a roof for your home? There are a lot of things to consider, and it can be very overwhelming. But it can also be very fun because you can play around with different colors and materials. So lets take a look [...]

Siding Styles For Your Colonial Home

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A colonial house’s features should be enhanced by your new siding style and colors. Symmetry — Colonials have a matching appearance on both sides of the house. This can create specific focal points, like the front door. Lean into accenting focal points. Angled gables — Practical because they add living space, angled gables are also [...]

Home Buying Tips: Roofing

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When buying a pre-owned home, there’s a good chance the roof is more than a few years old. Some fading and weathering are natural parts of the aging process for a roof, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about a roof that looks its age. You should know what roof damage looks like, though, [...]

When Should You Get Your Roof Replaced?

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Ask around, and you’ll hear a variety of opinions about the right temperature or time of year for roof replacement. Warnings generally apply to asphalt shingles, which can crack in freezing temperatures or get very soft in hot weather. If you have the freedom to schedule your roof replacement far in advance, here are some [...]

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