The most common material used on residential roofs is asphalt shingles. There are a lot of contributing factors to the popularity of a shingle roof, from the installation to low costs.

You might be thinking of going with asphalt shingles when considering your roofing replacement. We want to make sure you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages when choosing roofing materials. This is a big investment on your home and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


  • The cost of an asphalt shingle roof is the most affordable on the market
  • They work well when applied to steep-slope structures
  • They are very versatile and can easily adapt to different applications
  • They are easy to cut, fasten, and fit making the install very easy
  • They do not require specialized accessories
  • They are low maintenance and can be walked on without damaging the material
  • While asphalt roofs are not the lightest roofs, the actual shingles are lightweight
  • They come in a wide range of prices, sizes, and colors
  • Repairing them is relatively easy with composite shingles
  • Most brands offer Class A fire protection


  • Shingles and high wind damage do not mix- strong winds can uplift or tear shingles off easily
  • Asphalt shingles can transfer solar heat into your home and can actually become damaged by the heat
  • Shingles can become damaged due to mildew problems caused by excess moisture polling in shady areas
  • Depending on the specific shingle, the shelf life of an asphalt shingle can be easily outlasted by other materials like tile, slate, and metal. They only last on average 15-30 years

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