Purchasing a new roof is a huge investment and it is something you are likely to take your time deciding. However with so many options out there it can be hard to know which option is best for your home. As such, these decisions are worthy of careful consideration and planning. Your roof choices will not only affect your home’s resale value, but energy efficiency, and maintenance needs are also things to consider. In order to help you with you decision we are going to look at metal roofs and the advantages they have.

While metal roof have several advantages, many homeowners worry about the upfront costs. Because it is such a huge investment, your roof might also be one of the largest improvements you make on your home.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing a metal roof for your New England Home:


As we mentioned earlier, the upfront costs of metal roofs can be one of the biggest concerns people have. Sadly it is true that metal roofs cost more than a traditional asphalt setup. However, it is important to think of your metal roofing as an investment and it will prove to be the most cost-efficient option over time.

Did you know that an asphalt roof requires replacement every 15 to 20 years. This time might even be cut short if it is exposed to the harsh New England weather and isn’t kept up properly.  On the other hand a metal roof only needs to be replaced every 50 years. This means that during the lifespan of one metal roof  you could replace your asphalt roof 3 times. So when you have a metal roof installed you are likely installing the last roof you’ll ever need.

Energy Efficiency

Besides it’s longevity, another huge pro to a metal roof is that it is made with the most energy-efficient materials available on the market. You might be shocked to know that the materials of a metal roof reflect, rather than absorb the sun’s rays making it a “cool roof.” As a result, metal roofs can save homeowners up to 40% in their energy expenditure. You will be able to notice the difference in your cooling bills immediately, starting from the month of installation and beyond. Because of this, many homeowners are switching metal roofs over asphalt.

Energy efficiency also means a lower carbon footprint. Another great factor to metal roods is that they are also a green option because they’re made from 100% recycled materials. Sadly asphalt roofing materials end up in landfills, whereas metal roofs can be melted down and reused over and over again. So if you are someone who is looking for a greener and more sustainable option then a metal roof might be the option for you.


Another reason that homeowners tend to lean more towards a metal roof is because of their contemporary aesthetic. This type of roof offers a more streamlined look over the traditional shingles. Now if you are someone who likes the look of traditional shingles, over the more contemporary style of metal roofs, you are still in luck because metal roofs can mimic this look of traditional shingles while also providing your with an energy efficient and durable roof.

As you can see metal roofs have many advantages. It is obvious why more and more homeowners are making the switch when they need to replace their roof. Even though they have higher upfront costs, they tend to be the best cost-efficient option once you factor in their longevity and energy efficiency. If you have questions about metal roofing, contact BP Builders today!

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