During winter, one your worsts chores is dealing with snow removal for a lengthened period of time. However, it is a necessary project and will not only allow you to get in and out of your home but keeps you and your loved ones safe.Stopping ice damming, snow accumulation, and icicles can be hazardous, and expensive. Wet snow can build up into your gutters and the weight of the snow can actually creates gaps from your home or pull them out all together. Moisture can also make its way under your roof and when it freezes it expands causing ice dams. Not only will you have to repair that damage it could lead to mold if left unmaintained.However, there are some steps that you can take in order to protect your roof this winter:

  1. Confirm Your Attic is Well Ventilated

During the winter, if your air ventilation is poor, water can reach the cold underside of a roof and condense. If this goes neglected, moisture can build up, damaging your roof, insulation, and interior drywall. This is known ice dams as mentioned above. In order to prevent these issues, you’ll want to keep your attic temperature closer to the outside temperature to stop snow from getting into the pattern of freezing, melting and refreezing. If you are not clear on what temperature to keep your attic at, consult your local building code authority for their knowledge.

  1. Buy A Roof Rake

Heavy snow can cause serious damage to your roof. In order to stop this, you’ll want to have a roof rake on hand. A roof rake will stop excessive snow and ice from building up and causing property damage and will also prevent you  from getting hurt. Heavy loads of snow and ice can contribute to a roof collapse, especially on flat roofs. Additionally, the excess in moisture can contribute to ice dams and water damage within your home. Use the roof rake to stop these issues and protect your home from serious damage and hefty bills.

  1. Speak with a Professional

If you can’t to use a roof rake but still want to avoid injury, you can hire a professional to repair and or fix the problem before you end up spending money on repairing the damage. A professional will also be able to suggest areas of concern and recommend ways to combat some of your potential issues.

  1. Protect Your Family

Don’t forget, vents and chimneys can become blocked with heavy snow and ice. Make sure the smoke is escaping thru your chimney. If you suspect a problem call United We Stand.

How Do You know if There is a Problem?

An indication that there is an excessive snow load on your home is when doors and interior walls begin to stick. That will tell you that there’s enough weight on the main support system to disrupt the door frame. Check bedroom doors and closets and examine the drywall around the frames for visible cracks. Take the necessary steps protect your roof this winter.

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