A roof can leak for a variety of reasons — from storm damage to worn shingles to age and more. If your roof is leaking, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact a trusted, insured roofing company to inspect the issues, find the source of your leak and have it properly and promptly repaired. Acting quickly if you find a leak can save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of misery.

Several Reasons Your Roof May Be Leaking

1) Flashing
Flashing is actually the most common reason that your roof may be leaking. Any thin metal strip, fitting or sheet that covers a seam on your roof is called flashing and when the flashing is eroded or damaged, the leaks can begin. Moreover, if your contractor failed to install any flashing at all, leaks can and will become an issue.

2) Chimneys
Chimney stacks tend to collect water that can trickle down and go through tiny spaces. If there is any collection of water around the chimney area, then these pools could lead to leaks.

3) Plumbing Penetrations
Running pipes through the roof is a necessary evil but not always a smart idea. Most builders know this, but they still go ahead and do it. The holes, even after they are sealed, can leave spaces and when it rains, the water trickles through the spaces and onto and through your ceiling.

4) Skylights
Skylights are a beautiful addition to your home, they bring in natural light and brighten up your interior. However, if improperly installed, skylights can cause big problems including leaks.

5) Your Roof’s Age
If your roof is closing in on old age (15-20 years or more), it’s more likely to have an issue, especially if you haven’t kept up with yearly routine maintenance. The original roofing material simply may need to be replaced if your roof is near its end.

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