Insurance Restoration Services

Insurance restoration is a job BP Builders LC takes very seriously. The very nature of an insurance claim implies that a catastrophic event has occurred resulting in severe property damage.

Not only is the scope of the work wide ranging and needs to be performed by an experienced contractor but it is also time sensitive and in most cases an immediate initial response is needed. Property must be secured to prevent injury and further loss or damage. In most cases a preliminary cleanup must also be done.

Getting your claim filed quickly with insurance company is a key factor because there is a mountain of bureaucracy to climb and the sooner you start the better off you will be! I will be honest with you, patience is truly a virtue when it comes to resolving a claim … restoration is a slower process than typical construction projects so don’t get fooled by other companies’ claims to get you back up and running overnight … it really doesn’t happen that way!

BP Builders LLC thoroughly inspects the damage and then generates documentation in the form of photographs, site notes, code requirements and reports so that we are fully prepared to negotiate with the insurance adjusters which have evaluated your claim initially. BP Builders LLC makes sure you get the money that you are entitled to and we are committed to our customers being able to complete their restoration with little or no out of pocket expense.

BP Builders LLC will never sacrifice quality or professional ethics over speed and will always give an honest assessment of your claim.

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