We waited all winter for snow and it waited until March this year. Doesn’t is seem like the excitement we feel every year when waiting for the first snowfall  is short-lived, replaced far too quickly replaced by feelings of annoyance. As beautiful as snow is, shoveling all of it off of our property is hard, tiring work.

New Englanders understand the dangers of snow to our homes, especially when large amounts of snow accumulate and cause ice dams. If you want to prevent structural damage to your property, it is very important to think about removing that snow from your roof now. What’s has been happening this past week is, we get hit with a few inches of snow. The snow started to melt but the temperatures dropped drastically forming a sheet of ice on your roof. This ice is very dense and heavy with if more snow comes it is essential to get it off before your roof gets comprised and is in danger of collapsing.

At BP Builders, we’re Connecticut and Rhode Island’s leading roofing company, dedicated to helping our customers install and maintain long-lasting, durable, high-quality rooftops using the industries top materials like Gaf Roofing. We are a gaf roofing certified contractor. Below are some helpful roofing tips for safely removing snow from your roof, in order to protect your home and rooftop from potential structural damage.

Know When It’s Time For Snow Removal

One of the most important roofing tips is knowing whether you need to do anything at all. Building codes usually require residential rooftops to be designed and built in such a way that will withstand large amounts of weight from snow. As long as the snow is light and not too heavy, your home should be safe from harm.

It is important to remember that the weight matters more than the depth of the snow. Dry and powdery snow is lighter and less likely to cause damage as opposed to we snow. Watch your local news forecast or check your weather app for details on the snowfall in your town and keep an eye on how heavy the snow is in your yard.

Using the Proper Snow Removal Tools

Most professionals recommend the use of roof rakes for clearing snow off of rooftops, typically because they can be used to reach the top of your home without using a ladder. Shovels should not be used unless the snow has already become frozen, or there are huge quantities of snow that cannot be cleared with a roof rake.

For two- and three-story homes, you can use extension poles on your rake to reach the overhangs of your roof. If there’s too much wet snow and a rake is not enough, call a snow removal expert to get the job done.


The safest roofing thing to do is to leave the ladder in your garage and clear the snow from the ground. Without the proper training and equipment, you can easily slip off of the roof and become injured. Instead, remove the snow you can reach with your roof rake while standing on the ground, and focus on the overhangs to prevent ice dams from forming.

Hiring a Snow Removal Expert

The safest and most effective way to remove snow is by hiring professionals to clear it for you. For more information about removing snow from your rooftop, or about our snow-clearing services and roof installations, give us a call to speak with a team member today. You can also fill out our online form to receive a free, no-obligation pricing estimate for your home improvement project from BP Builders.

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