Fall is a Great Time to Install a Metal Roof

The transitional seasons of fall and spring are very comfortable throughout most of the Midwest, but the Northeast experiences very hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Temperatures in the spring are usually warm with breezy, often rainy weather, and the fall brings cool and comfortable weather from mid-October through early December. One of the most important decisions for any home improvement project is the time of year in which you choose to do it. Autumn can be the perfect time to install a new metal roof for several reasons.

Comfortable Fall Weather Means More Efficient Installation

Working on any home improvement project can be dangerous for your contracting team, and roofing work is one of the most inherently dangerous types of home improvement. During the hot weather, the crew installing a roof may need to take more frequent breaks to prevent heat exhaustion, and working in the hot sun is extremely uncomfortable. On the end of the weather spectrum, working in the winter can be just as uncomfortable. Roofers will need to wear heavier, bulkier clothing that can impede range of motion, and precipitation is more likely to interfere with a home improvement project during the winter.

Spring may seem like a good choice, but it is the rainy season. Rain can put a damper on any outdoor home renovation projects you plan. Springtime  is very wet, and rainy days are not only frequent but can leave a property wet and unfit for construction projects for several days after a downpour.

During the cooler fall months, your roofing crew can work in comfortable clothing and use their protective gear, enjoying the best outdoor working conditions available throughout the year. This not only increases the workers’ comfort levels, but also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries while streamlining the project, resulting in a faster, safer roof installation.

Fall Is the Time for Recovery from Harsh Summers

Summer in the Northeast is hot, humid, and generally unforgiving when it comes to home maintenance. Many homeowners notice mold and mildew growth on their asphalt shingle roofs during the winter due to high humidity levels, which create ideal growing conditions for these substances. Instead of spending the early fall cleaning off an asphalt shingle roof and repairing damaged sections of the roof, why not take the opportunity to install a new metal roof at the most ideal time of the year?

Get Ahead of the Winter Weather

Planning your new metal roof installation during the fall not only aids in recovery from the harsh summer weather, but also prepares your home in a timely fashion for the coming winter weather. The Northeast generally experiences cold winters with lots of snow and ice. An older asphalt roof will not only have trouble keeping a home well insulated during the winter but may also experience additional damage due to winter precipitation and snowmelt.

When snow accumulates on an asphalt shingle roof, it will melt in the sun and then refreeze when the temperature drops at night. The melted snow will seep between and beneath the shingles and then refreeze, only to melt again when the temperature rises. This weakens the bonds between shingles, often leading to damaged and dislodged shingles falling from the roof. Eventually, the water from the melted snow will make its way into the roof bed, potentially causing leaks and mold growth.

Metal roofs are much better at shedding snow than asphalt shingle roofs, and snowmelt cannot make its way into the seams of a professionally-installed metal roof’s panels. Metal roofs also offer better insulation, absorbing much more sunlight than asphalt shingle roofs. This creates a thermal barrier around the home that makes it difficult for cold air to enter. Additionally, the sunlight absorption properties of a metal roof also provide benefits during warm weather.

Fall Is the Most Opportune Time to Install a New Metal Roof

Many homeowners consider spring cleaning to be the best time to arrange home repairs and upgrades. While spring may offer a pleasant atmosphere for handling outdoor work, the spring months are also most contractors’ busiest times of the year. This means more competition between customers to have their repairs completed when they want, potentially leading to more expensive project costs.

During the fall, many residents are enjoying comfortable weather and preparing for the holidays. While it may seem like arranging a home repair like a metal roof installation would potentially interrupt these activities, a roofing crew can finish the job faster, more comfortably, and more safely during the fall. This means homeowners can enjoy autumn festivities and start their holiday preparations with greater comfort and peace of mind. A professional metal roof installation may only take one full day during ideal weather conditions, and the fall months provide the best weather throughout the year for a metal roof installation.

If you are considering a new metal roof for your home or business, remember that fall is the best time of year to schedule this project. If you’re worried about the cost of installation, remember that a metal roof will last four times longer than a traditional asphalt shingle roof and entail a fraction of the occasional maintenance costs. You can also start enjoying lower utility bills within just a month or two of your installation. Consider the benefits of installing a new metal roof on your home and schedule your roof upgrade during the fall.

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