As a homeowner, would you know if your new roof was being installed properly? Well not to worry most people wouldn’t either. However, a new roof is far too valuable of an investment to just trust that it’s being installed correctly.

So what should you do? The best thing to do is learn the most common roofing installation mistakes so you know what to watch for.

Common Roofing Installation Mistakes to Watch For

Nail Installation and Placement:

All shingle manufacturers require their products to be installed using specific criteria. If the nails are placed in the wrong location or the wrong number of nails are used, then it could actually void your roof’s warranty. Most shingle manufacturers require at least five nails per shingle sometimes more if your home has a steep grade. Nails should be nailed through the nailing strip, and they should never be nailed into the self-sealing part of the shingle. Incorrect nailing will generally result in roof leaks and premature roof and shingle failure.

One thing to note, however, is that metal shingles and other types of roof tiles each have a different installation criterion required for fastening. So make sure you understand what is required for your particular application so you know what to watch for.


The flashing portions of your roof are the metal strips installed along the edges and valleys of your roof. It’s common for inexperienced roofers to install the flashing incorrectly or to not secure the flashing properly. This can lead to the flashing buckling and eventually lead to leaks.

Unfortunately there are some that will reuse the drip edge flashing from the edge of your old roof. Aside from resulting in a less-than-superior final look, a worn drip edge can allow water and insects to get under your roof and into your attic. So, it’s very important to make sure that new flashing is being used and that it is properly installed when you have your roof replaced.


It’s common for low-cost roofing companies to install the improper ventilation for your type of home. Proper attic ventilation is extremely important because it prevents the moisture buildup that could lead to your roof and shingles failing prematurely.

All new roofing systems should include a ridge vent, eave vents, and baffles to help properly vent the air and prevent ineffective attic air ventilation.

Other Roofing Mistakes to Watch For:

  • Shingles aren’t symmetrically aligned.
  • “Smiling” or “frowning” shingles
  • Variations in the shingle colors
  • Incorrect shingle exposure.
  • New roof is missing the drip edges or the overhang is wrong.
  • Underlayment is missing.
  • Gutters aren’t sloped properly.
  • Starter shingles not placed before beginning.
  • Wrong material used for the specific slope of the roof.

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