Performing regular roof maintenance is essential to maximizing the performance and life span of your asphalt roofing. This can also save you from expensive repairs along the line. In this article we will share some tips on how to properly clean and maintain your asphalt roof.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

It is important to keep your asphalt roof clear of leaves, branches and other debris. If there are overhanging tree limbs near your roof, trim them regularly. If you are not comfortable up on a ladder or don’t have the equipment, then we recommend calling a tree removal company. This will help reduce the debris that gets onto your roof, and it will also allow more sunlight to reach your roofing.

Keep Your Gutters Tidy

Your gutters and downspouts serve an important role in keeping your roof dry. That’s why you should include them in your roof cleaning routine. Ensure there are no leaves, twigs or other debris that may block water. Also, check if the gutters and downspouts are positioned correctly. If you don’t have time call a gutter cleaning company.

Inspect Your Roofing

Hire professional roofing services to ensure your roof is in good condition. By having it checked once a year, you can get ahead of and fix any damage that could potentially affect the other parts of your roofing system. Early detection is often the best way to avoid costly repairs.

Also it is important to do some self inspections from the ground level routinely. If you notice anything wrong or out of the ordinary then contact us today!

DON’T Use Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning

Make sure you’re using tools and products that are safe for cleaning asphalt roofs. Bleach, for instance, is not recommended because it can corrode the metal parts of your roofing. Damage to the flashing, gutters, boots and valleys can affect the quality and performance of your roof.

DON’T Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers may seem a convenient cleaning tool, but they can be a hazard to your roofing or siding. With a pressure washer there is water streaming at over 200 mph, these can loosen, tear or dislodge your asphalt shingles. Pressure washers can also remove the protective granules on your shingles creating exposed spots on your roof. We recommend soft washing your roof or calling a soft wash company to clean your roof.

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