Gutter Cleaning- How to safely clean your gutters from leaves and debris

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With autumn quickly approaching, you will soon begin raking the leaves out of your yard, brushing them off the car, and tracking them into your house. One key area that you need to keep clean is your gutters. Your gutters should be cleaned and prepared for the winter months. During your fall clean up, gutter maintenance [...]

Signs That Your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

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Gutters have the important job of keeping water away from your house. Water can destroy your roof, windows and siding if you don’t have gutters functioning properly to protect your home. Gutters aren’t an expensive repair themselves but neglecting them could lead to more expensive repairs, even issues with your home’s foundation. Gaps If you have [...]

Little Things That Affect Your Gutter’s Performance

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Did you know your gutters’ performance is not solely dependent on their material and shape. If you did we’d be surprised! There are many factors that affect your gutter and downspout performance. BP Builders, the premier local expert in seamless gutters in Connecticut discusses some these factors below. Drainage Area This refers to the sum [...]

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