Can You Replace Your Roof During The Winter?

Yes, you can absolutely have your roof repaired during the winter months. Many times, damage to your roof is not something that can wait to be repaired, so you need to act fast no matter what time of year it happens to be. When living in a colder climate, like Baltimore, you may be concerned that it would be challenging to repair a roof during the winter, but that is not an obstacle when you hire an experienced roofing contractor, such as BP Builders.

Indications That Roof Repair Is Needed for Your Home

Are you worried that your roof is in need of repair but aren’t quite sure if it is urgent or something that can wait? Take a look at this checklist we have made for you, so that you can evaluate for yourself if you should repair your roof in the winter:

  • Does your roof have noticeably missing shingles? If so, you should consider having the missing shingles replaced to prevent it from worsening as the harsh winter weather rolls in.
  • Are your roof tiles showing signs that they are rotting and becoming discolored? Rot is the worst nightmare to a roof because, if left unattended, it can become out of control and result in needing .
  • Do your gutters seem to be clogging easily and overflowing? After fall, you will sometimes notice that your downspouts are clogging more after all the leaves and debris has fallen, so be sure to keep your gutters clean to prevent any potential damage.
  • Was there a bad winter storm and you are concerned that you may have incurred damage? It is likely that you did acquire some damage if you encountered a bad storm recently. Instead of climbing on your roof and evaluating for damage yourself, contact us at Park Heights Roofing to have a member of our expert team come out and inspect your roof.
  • Is water leaking from your roof and showing visible signs of water damage? Water damage, left untouched can cause many serious conditions, like, mold, rot, ceiling damage, and even dangerous ice buildup in attic spaces.

There are numerous indications that your roof may need repair and many of these issues need to be resolved no matter what the season may be, even wintertime. If you have concerns that your roof has damage and is in need of repair, in Baltimore to evaluate what repairs are needed and have your roof repaired safely and skillfully.

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